Magazine Covers (#28)

Experimenting with the various options for creating magazine covers, I find there are advantages and disadvantages to each. All give the option to upload photos and create captions. Wired magazine allows for a variety of colors and fonts for a "Wired" magazine cover. Cover Page gives one the option of choosing between four popular periodical titles for the cover but the color and font type of the captions are standardized .

I prefer Big Huge Labs because of its many options. One can choose magazine title, layout, colors, publication date and price. Each of the possible 14 captions, can be a different color as well as either bold or shadow.


I discovered a new website today called LibraryElf. It is an email tool to track one's library accounts. It will notify you daily of what you have checked out and when it is due as well as what is on hold. The nice feature about this website is that it will track more than one library system as well as more than one customer. So parents can keep track of all the materials borrowed by children and avoid fines. And, the best yet, Harford County users can take advantage of this website!

Movie Databases

Having used Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to assist customers in movie titles, I was interested in exploring another movie website, Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes is easily designed to offer a variety of information about a movie. The column on the left of the webpage provides a quick overview of many aspects of the film as well as related web links. The tabs across the top offer synopsis, reviews, credits, photos, posters, etc. The reviews page is especially interesting in that the reviews are written by both critics and the public. Their "Tomatometer" is a very clever visual to easily see the overall ratings of a movie. This website definitely gets a "fresh tomato" rating from me as I know that I will return to it often.


How am I going to continue learning about the resources available on the internet? I have decided to explore areas in the 43 Things that were not covered in the 23 Things. Then I will continue on to Learning 2.1.

Recently, I explored Blinkx. It is a video search engine. The videos are from sites such as newscasts, PBS stations, and private collections. There was a limited number of booktalk or storytime videos but the newscast sections look promising for student searches.

Week 9: # 23 The end is just the beginning...

This has been a wonderful experience. I am hooked on LibraryThing and plan to continue using it. I also am setting up a Netvibes page.

This has definitely caused me to grow in my understanding and use of the internet. And along the way, I realized that I need take the time to explore popular websites. For example, YouTube was a big surprise to me. I had thought it was only for entertainment and so was not interested in exploring. Now, I have it as a favorite!

I was hesitant in the beginning and was glad that Linda finished so early and then posted some helps on different areas. That helped me over the initial learning curve. Overall, the format worked really well for me. Reading blogs written by others was a great motivator. Just knowing, and being reminded often, that there was support given by Irmgarde, Annette and Maurice was invaluable. I also enjoyed discussing sessions with colleagues.

I would definitely participate in future discovery programs with this format. Lastly, thank you to all who made this experience possible. Your leadership, training sessions and direction has been superb!